Back to school cool: jean jackets

Sharon Bosco

I can feel it. The looming end of summer and beginning of a new school year, fall, and the dreaded Chicago winter. Yes, I said it. I've never lived anywhere that doesn't have 4 seasons, and as much as I dread the extra long season of coldness, I love switching up my wardrobe every few months to accommodate the changes. 

I've been working on a number of back to school projects ranging from polo shirts and tees to dresses and backpacks. My absolute favorites so far have been Levi's denim jackets, the ultimate in back to school cool. There are so many different ways to personalize these, everything from a rainbow color combo to a varsity two-tone collegiate look. OBSESSED. How fun would it be to add a motif to the front of the jacket, too? If you're going to personalize it, go big or go home. Here are some other options that I love and would work really well, too: Old Navy, Gap camo jacket, Target Cat & Jacket terry sleeve denim

I don't stock jean jackets, but placing a custom order is super easy. There are 2 ways to go about it: 1) have items shipped directly to me, I embroider and ship to you 2) I source the item, embroider and ship to you. 

Good luck to you and your families with all the exciting fresh starts and new routines that come with the back to school madness. 



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