Calling all expectant and new parents!

Sharon Bosco

The moment I found out I was expecting my first, I was beyond thrilled. In addition to the overwhelming excitement, I totally panicked. What would I expect at my first OB appointment? How would I manage morning sickness at work? What if it's twins? Where and when should I register, and what the heck do I even register for? Nanny or daycare? So much to think about! Evidently in Kindergarten when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I proudly responded 'a mom'. I had waited for this moment my whole life, but holy smokes maybe I should've thought it through. Needless to say, I started to question whether I was actually ready to become a parent. 

This is where Bump Club & Beyond comes in - the #1 resource for all things pregnancy and baby related. Bump Club and Beyond brings you the best resources, information, experts, product suggestions and dozens of premier events across the country every month! I am so excited to share that Stitch is now a VIP partner of Bump Club and Beyond ! 

Their partners range from categories of fitness and baby gear to childcare, kid fashion, pregnancy fashion, gift items and newborn essentials. In addition to Stitch, some of their other partners include Dock a Tot, Clek, Goldfish swim school, Petunia Pickle Bottom, Ergo baby and so many more. The BCB VIP program gives parents access to hundreds of discounts both here in Chicago and nationally! By becoming a member you will receive a 15% discount off your first order with Stitch. I’d like to extend a discount to you to join this amazing parent perk program. Use code VIPVIP to get 50% off a VIP Membership! Not only will you get discounts to businesses like ours, you will get discounts on events and first access to register for the Webinars for free! To sign up for this parent perk program, please visit their website here

Having moved to Chicago with my husband as a newly married couple without kids, I joined Bump Club in hopes of meeting other moms-to-be. This organization does an incredible job of hosting events specific for your stage of parents (expecting, new parent, toddler age etc). Not only am I still friends with a lot of the girls I met through Bump Club, but I also gained incredible insight as to what to expect with a baby on the way. If you haven't checked out what they have in your area yet, I strongly urge you to! You won't regret it!






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