'Mom, do I really need monogrammed drool bibs?'

Sharon Bosco

Bet you never thought drooling could be cute, right? Wrong! I receive custom monogram requests often, and I always giggle because almost every inquiry begins with 'this may be random' or 'not sure this is even possible' and better yet 'you're going to think I'm crazy'. I consider myself pretty quirky and random, so I LOVE custom embroidery requests. A customer recently asked about the possibility of monogramming baby bandanas and asked if that was crazy. Hellllo, I monogram everything that isn't breathing, of course it's not crazy! The baby bandanas we went with are from Kiddy Star and came 8 in a pack. Click here to check them out. They're super soft and absorbent, and come in a variety of prints and colors. I was given full freedom to do what I wanted with the monograms. For the most part, I kept them pretty simplistic not to take away from the fun prints. My customer was happy to report that she's received a lot of compliments on them, so she doesn't feel so crazy anymore :) These make a great personalized (and practical) gift for a newborn or teething toddler. If you're interested in getting started with a custom order, click here

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