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Sharon Bosco

Last May, I was a bridesmaid in one of my very closest friends wedding. Monica and I met in college (over 14 years ago), and eventually both ended up in living in New York. Fun fact about Monica and I - she was there (at the bar) the night I met my husband AND I was there (also at a bar, a few years later) the night she met HER husband. Anywho, I diverge. Fast forward to this Spring, and Monica is due to have her first baby! Our regular phone dates now consisted of baby prep questions, registry chat, pregnancy symptoms and the list goes on. They found out that a boy was on the way and I would usually wrap up every conversation with 'so....any thoughts on the name?' I was so excited to get started on some fun personalized items for the little guy! However, the answer remained consistent every time 'we're narrowing it down, but not certain yet. We're going to wait until we me him.' UGGGH. I get it, we did the same when I was expecting our first. We didn't even find out the gender. But, tables were now turned and I was SO anxious to get started on something special for the baby shower that was fast approaching. 

Since I was getting nowhere with the first name, I realized some decisions needed to be made and I needed to get started on the gift STAT. In most cases, the last name can totally work in place of a first name, unless of course the last name is a mishmosh of letters or something. 

After going through Monica's registry, I ordered a few staples that she had registered for on Amazon, such as the Fisher Price Rock N' Play and the Boon Lawn drying rack. As I was sorting through her registry, I noticed a ton of baby items that incorporated a wilderness theme with foxes, trees, bears etc. BINGO!! 

I thought a fox would be really cute on this blue/white striped onesie. I've been working on my digitizing skills the last few months (creating embroidery designs with the help of software). I digitized this adorable little fox, added the babe's last name for personal touch and voila. I love how it turned out. So did Monica :)

I share this because I want you to know there ARE personalization options for a baby that is not only nameless, but also whose gender is unknown. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you need some help. I love a good challenge!

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